Indian Kudzu, Kudzu, Nepalese Kudzu

 Indian Kudzu, Kudzu, Nepalese Kudzu

Sanskrit name: Vidarikanda
Botanical name: Pueraria tuberosa
Habitat: It is widely found in India, Pakistan and Nepal.



  • Rasa (taste): Sweet
  • Virya (action): Cooling
  • Vipaka (post-digestive effects): Sweet
  • Dosha (Constitution): Balances pitta and vata, aggravates kapha

General information

Indian Kudza is a flowering herb and its Tubers are used for medicinal purpose. In Ayurveda. Kudzu is used as one of the Rasayna because of its anti-aging properties. It improves immune power and reduces dryness of the body. It regulates bowel movement and helps in treating digestive system disorders. It rejuvenates the body and helps in increasing muscle strength. It is also beneficial in skin ailments and helps in improving male reproductive systems.


Research on this herb have shown side effects like nausea and skin irritation.

Avoid use in pregnancy, lactation. Heart related and diabetic conditions.

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