OysterSanskrit name: Sukith
Botanical name: Ostrea Edulis
Habitat: It is a shell found in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean courses. It has a small hollow, ovate excavation in which the animal with a soft fleshy suborbicuilar body is enclosed. The shell has a sort of hinge at one end and opens into two halves. Two halves, one shallow and the other deep, which is found adhering to the rock. The shell is hard, externally gray or dark brown and rough and marked with lateral undulated streaks and internally white, smooth and shining.


General information

Oyster contains Calcium Carbonate 85 to 95 %, Phosphate and sulfate of calcium and magnesium, oxide of iron, alumina and silica. It helps in improving the digestive system and purifies blood. It is also known to balance Pitta Dosha.

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