SesameSanskrit name: Tila
Botanical name: Sesamum indicum
Habitat: It is native to Africa and India.






  • Rasa (taste): Sweet, Astringent, Bitter, Pungent
  • Virya (action): Heating
  • Vipaka (post-digestive effect): Sweet
  • Dosha (constitution): Balances Vata and kapha, aggravate Pitta

General information

Seeds and Leaves are used in medicine preparation in Ayurveda. Seeds have high oil content and that is why it is grown as an oil seed crop all over the World. It has antioxidants and laxative properties. Oil extracted from the seeds is used for culinary purpose. The oil is also used for aromatherapy and in preparing skin care and hair care products. It’s also helpful in inflammatory conditions and skin ailments. Phtosterols in Sesame Oil helps in enhancing the immune power of the body.


No such information on side effects is available on this Herb. However, we recommend to consume this herb under proper medical guidance. Avoid in pregnancy.

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