UrariaSanskrit name: Prishnaparni, Dhavani, Dabra
Botanical name: Uraria picta
Habitat: It found in the Himalayan region of India.







  • Rasa (taste): Pungent, Sour, Sweet, Bitter
  • Virya (action): Heating
  • Vipaka (post-digestive effects): Sweet
  • Dosha (Constitution): Balances kapha, pitta and vata

General information

Uraria is one of the important herb in Ayurveda and the whole plant is used to prepare different medicines in Ayurveda. Uraria is a Tridoshahara that is balances all the doshas vata, pitta and kapha. It is an aphrodisiac. It is a mild laxative in nature and is beneficial in treating gastrointestinal diseases. It helps in regulating natural movements of the body fluids. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in relieving the burning sensation.


No such information on side effects is available on this Herb. However, we recommend to consume this herb under proper medical guidance. Avoid in pregnancy.

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