White Bark Acacia, Reonja

White Bark Acacia, ReonjaSanskrit name: Arimeda
Botanical name: Acacia leucophloea, Vachellia leucophloea
Habitat: It is native to Southern India


  • Rasa (taste): Bitter, Astringent
  • Virya (action): Heating
  • Vipaka (post-digestive effect): pungent
  • Doshas (constitutions): Balances vata and Kapha, may aggravate pitta in excess

General information

The word Acacia originated from the Greek word Akis meaning Point. It has high fiber content and help in eliminating waste from the body. It also contains a small amount of tannin, resin, gum, starch and cane sugar. The bark is used in the distillation of liquor in some parts of India. Tea made from this herb is helpful in treating cough, sore throat and other respiratory tract disorders. Flowers have antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties and are applied externally on skin ailments and wounds.


No such information on side effects is available on this Herb. However, we recommend to consume this herb under proper medical guidance.

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